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BizBoosting a une approche unique avec un regard nouveau qui s’appuie sur ses propres services pour vous apporter des solutions innovantes et totalement intégrées, en amenant des nouvelles perspectives.

La philosophie de nos services est basée sur un concept unique d’optimisation, maximisation et monétisation des services.

Companies Need New Growing Markets

Investing abroad implies to review current Business Models
and find new ways of selling its products and services.
With BizBoosting, you will understand how to catch new opportunities & mitigate risks.

Our Service “Survival Toolkit” will help you to adapt
your Business Model (flyer available at info{at} 

Asian countries for Business Entrepreneurs

The current economic trend is favouring Asian countries for Business Entrepreneurs, with long-term Vision & Strategy in APAC region, where more than 60% of World population is located. We provide tailor-made solutions and services for our customers in order to fit with your Vision and local customers’ expectations.

Swiss companies must take into account those markets in order to develop a sustainable future for their Business, with CxO level and shareholders satisfaction.
Digital Business Transformation & Innovation are a daily reality and affects all Business Models. It is imperative to completely rethink strategic positionning, find new business models and new growth markets.

BizBoosting & Partners in Asia and Switzerland have the skills, trusted business relationships, resources, to find the best ways to jump into your new future, open markets, discover new opportunities, establish Partnerships and Joint Ventures, all the means to BOOST Your Business in Asia.

Globalization is a daily reality

Many companies benefit of having
direct access to Asian markets

BizBoosting is an ecosystem of strategic Partners in various fields, who are located in Switzerland and Malaysia, covering Asian Countries. We can help you to start your business abroad and accompany you efficiently.


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Our Services 

Tailor-made solutions

  • Business opportunities in Asia
  • Business Development
  • Meetings with partners or customers
  • Local Corporate & Managers profiling
  • Setup Swiss local representative
  • Study of general and specific legal framework
  • Negotiation with partners
  • Setting-up partnerships
  • Factory setup and production in the country
  • Assistance with local authorities (ie. tax benefits, States subventions)
  • Search for potential investors & lobbying
  • Business Support with Senior Experts
  • Operations
Do not hesitate to contact us 
We can support you


BizBoosting Geneva lake area
at the heart of Europe with 
750 Millions inhabitants

Our mission is to accompany Asian SME to enter the Swiss market, ideal door for Europe at very attractive conditions.

BizBoosting is helping SMEs to benefit from a network of personal relations in Switzerland and Europe, with specialists, businessmen, politicians and also people who are familiar with the administrations and corporate taxation, in order to maximize government incentives.

We can let SMEs benefit from a network of personal relations in Switzerland and all Europe, with specialists, businessmen and people familiar with governement rules.

Swiss economy benefits
  • Strong economy and currency
  • Low Value Added Tax (VAT) as Hub for EU Zone
  • Liberal tax system
  • Liberal labor market
  • Efficient and reliable administration
  • Outstanding infrastructure
  • Important financial center
  • Head office of multinational firms
  • High education and innovation level
  • High quality of life
  • Central location in Europe
  • Political and financial stability
  • Excellent public infrastructure
  • High productivity
  • Innovative country with high spend on R&D and technology
  • Purchasing power amongst the world’s highest
  • Reliable business, legal and regulatory environment
  • Low Value Added Tax (VAT) compared European (EU) Countries


 Performance in:
  • Innovation
  • Data Center (high-level expertise)
  • R&D
  • Partnership on project basis
  • Setting incubators for ICT
  • Best in watches (design, making)
  • Best in pharma

BizBoosting Management

Serge Rossel +4176 445 1025


Asia and Switzerland

We are two entities, one in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) and another one in Switzerland (Lake Geneva area). They are in close contact with one another and at the same time, keep watch and are in contact with customers to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

We are available to meet customers and check on how to make adjustments, improve projects, modify contracts, and so on. We will regularly travel between the two countries to meet customers to discuss new plans or issues to be improved.
However, video communication facilities will be regularly used to keep close touch in between meetings.

Swiss – ASEAN Director: based in Malaysia, will follow-up your projects in ASEAN countries with his Partner.

Swiss Director: based in lake Geneva area, will take care of your ventures in Switzerland and Europe as well.

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