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"innovation is more critical than ever in times of crisis"


NANOMATERIALS like Graphene, Nanocellulose, Silver, Nanopores, Silica, Nanotubes and others are transforming all products and brings unique new properties.

BiZBOOSTING offers a unique array of R&D expertise allowing customers to benefit by making completely disruptive products.


Increased strength and stiffness
Increased thermal & electrical conductivity
Increased barrier properties
Improved tolerance of high temperatures
Increase cut resistance

Flame retardant for polymers
Improved scratch resistance
Help reduce air permeability


From the initial ideas to the feasibility studies with nano selection
From the prototypes to trials with a series of mock-ups
From the mock-up to the final production stage
❑ With computer simulation by FEA to reduce costs & delay
❑ With sourcing of high-quality nanomaterials from suppliers
We can do manufacture final products with partners

Headquartered in Switzerland where quality and security standards are the highest, BiZBOOSTING is active Worldwide, with its international network of seasoned partners, including various renowned R&D Centers.

BiZBOOSTING is currently amongst the only provider able to offer the following A to Z services.




We are focused on R&D competencies and Product Development with seasoned experts:

  • Selection of specific nanomaterials (graphene, nanocellulose, others when required)
  • Hydrophobic, hydrophilic surfaces & perfumed with nano additives
  • Liquid rubber for dipping, coatings & cured rubber components with specific dynamic, friction, cut resistance properties
  • Self-adapting compounds for optimized tires, dampers, rings, membrane properties
  • Lubricants improvement
  • Polymers & nanofillers (including samples and masterbatches)
  • Innovative compounding formulations
  • Ecomaterials, composites (nanocellulose)
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for prediction of the nano properties impact on the component response
  • Production of a colored FKM mix (video)


There are different potential applications in the use of these nanotechnologies for tires:
  • Nanomaterials can bring significant improvements for tires for unique performances
  • Components with low air permeability
  • Thermal conductivity, coefficient of friction (for better braking properties and dissipation of surface heat)
  • Materials with low permanent deformation under cyclic stress (applications to pneumatic components)
  • Electrical / thermal conductive materials for applications in manufacturing processes, such as the tire vulcanization bladder
  • Composite materials (anisotropic properties, anti-cut / stop crack propagation)
  • Tire components ultra-low rolling resistance
Our expertise on LATEX for gloves can bring competitive advantages:
    • Latex is utilized in many industries like medical gloves
    • Useful materials for inflatable boats, dampers for buildings and bridges, sport equipments and many others
    • All of them can reach new features and performance levels, which can be carefully selected with our experts' help
  • Hotels could normalize fragrance in all their buildings
  • Restrooms could always have a pleasant smell
  • Restaurants could manage their customers’ experience with good odors
  • Bakers could promote an attractive smell in all their shops
  • Boats could adapt odors in various parts of the ships
  • Etc (no end of examples)
Thanks to our expertise on Material Science, we can develop the most competitive new materials:
    • Our experts in physics of materials can simulate the reinforcement mechanisms and define MNRC composition.
    • We can create the material constitutive laws and the rheological models for specific MNRC needs.
    • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) allows to define the best design response to specific solicitations.
    • FEA allows saving time and resources compared to empirical trials.
    • Composite materials combining nanotechnologies can be tailored to efficiently meet design requirements.
    • We offer advanced materials MNRC R&D Services for light weight mobility components.
    • MNRC can be developed for tomorrow’s mobility with light weight and strong vehicles (EV, aircraft).
High-End laboratory equipment to select which nano components will bring the best values:
      • Analysis all sort of parameters and advanced characterisation of any nanomaterials
      • Large network of experts with the most advanced equipments and skills
      • Definition of best dispersions and surfactant enhancing product's properties
Increase your success rate whit BizBoosting & Partners :
  • Excellent network of top-class experts in various R&D fields
  • Amongst the best Nanomaterial suppliers with reliable products
  • Design Thinking experts who can provide amazing support to define what are your own customers' expectations



We have the best RUBBER Experts.

We can improve your tires for:

❑ Dry & Wet braking distance
❑ Lightweight technology
❑ Ultra low rolling resistance tires
❑ Sealant material technology
❑ Bio-derived materials
❑ Recycled materials
❑ Desulfurization technology
❑ Curing bladders

❑ Tire performance repeatability (controlled performance evolution with a minimized curing bladder shape, geometry and stiffness that evolves with the number of tire curing cycles).

❑ Controlled components gauge distribution (material flow during tire curing shaping can lead to significant component gauges evolution).
❑ High thermal conductivity material (optimized formulation with conductive additives).
❑ Maintained stiffness and shape with cure cycles, the compound used will have properties with low Mullins effect upon various cyclic strain amplitudes (history).


❑ With a full Styrene Butadien Rubber (SBR) formulation, we can divide by 10 with regular graphene this is due to the tortuous pathway of the gas molecules.

❑ We can develop anisotropic innerliner compound with outstanding air permeability values amd transversal properties different from the longitudinal in the platelets direction.

Everyone can compare the performance of their tires on a serious comparison site:

We remain available for any information to improve the classification of your products.


We can improve ALL types of TIRES.

❑ Tires for 2 wheels vehicles with reduced rolling resistance, longer durability, better grip on dry and wet surfaces.
❑ Specific tread pattern combined with multitread components, with up to 50% more lateral stiffness.
❑ Low air permeability for maintained air pressure during tire usage and sealant layers for tire puncture resistance.
❑ Improved cut and puncture resistance, with up to 30% more impact strength while being 15% lighter.



We can improve ALL types of GLOVES

❑ Electrical conductivity
❑ Thermal conductivity
❑ Anti-puncture
❑ Tear resistance

❑ Colours
❑ Perfumed
❑ Look & feel
❑ Impermeability



Nanomaterials are not limited to Graphene but others available for various needs.

Bring to your end-customers a new olfactive experience. 

❑ Offer a unique product on the market.
❑ Smell is one of our 5 senses, not exploited so far.
❑ Customers will agree to pay for a Premium.

❑ Your customers will be captive for years.
❑ Design on demand with consulting services.
❑ New fragrance on demand.



Nanomaterials can bring plenty opportunities to industries to optimize the performance of their products, by increasing strenght and stiffness while significantly reducing weigth.

This will result in numerous energy savings and longer operating times (EV, drones, airplanes, etc).

For examples:

MNRC's weight is around 1/5 of steel and 3 times more strenght
MNRC's weight is around 1/2 of aluminum and 6 times more strenght

The specific modulus is a property of material made up of the elastic modulus by mass density of a material or the stiffness / weight ratio. Here, we provide the specific modulus value of an MNRC compound that we are developing. It can be observed that this composite compound has a much higher specific modulus than ordinary metals.

Specific resistance is the resistance of a material divided by its density, it is also known as the resistance / weight ratio. An example is given here how one of our MNRC compounds, combining nanotechnology with micro and macro reinforcements here, achieves exceptional performance up to 3.6 times higher than that of steel. The properties of nonlinear materials and the rheological properties can be injected into the finished element to define an innovative design of the component with a reduced weight.


Our R&D Services

We can support you in the development of Disruptive Innovations.

Our experts and partners have all the appropriate environment to carry out their internal research according to customer requirements.
You can subcontract part of your R&D with a roadmap and very specific objectives. Our expertise will provide effective results without the need to invest in new equipment and train staff, which is costly and time consuming.

Our main goal when working with clients is to make sure they focus on their "core business" and we do our best to allow them to take over any part of the job. Technology transfer can be done in several ways, such as a partnership.
For example, we can initially take responsibility for ensuring the dispersion of nanomaterials (lubricant, graphene, nanocellulose) and later the client is free to bring this operation back to its premises (for cost reduction, process optimization).


Production of a colored FKM mix at INNOmaterials.

For all sectors, we respond to specific specifications for each production and for each customer. We can help you define your needs through our R&D department, during which we will identify which material best meets your needs and we can make several test models to finalize your choice. Our production capacity goes up to 20,000 tons/year of high added value mixtures.


High-End equipment laboratories available


Design Thinking can HELP YOU

BizBoosting uses Design Thinking with the Best Experts

We are helping our Customers to invest in new products development with Graphene and other Nanomaterials in general by using Design Thinking, powerful tool to succeed in deciding rapidly which new feature will be a “must have” to compete in the market and invest accordingly in implementing complex new nanomaterials.


BizBoosting Management

We can accompany you in developing Disruptive Innovations.




Dr Filomeno Corvasce (PhD) is C
EO of INNOmaterials (Courroux/Switzerland).
                   "If it doesn't exist we invent it"
Graphene is one of its specialities as filler for rubber, coatings, polymers or any other needs.



Dr Ralf Duempelmann (PhD) is CEO of Inolytix (Sisseln/Switzerland).
His passion is about supporting chemical product development by analytical techniques to understand the underlying principles of performance.
His expertise and services in analytical techniques will contribute to BizBoosting's excellence.



BizBoosting Management

Serge Rossel

Dr Filomeno Corvasce




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