BiZBOOSTING and Partners will help you accelerate your international development and address your strategic challenges on Emerging Markets with the New Wonder material Graphene GNP, providing innovative chemical solutions for suppliers who wants disruptive products for their customers.

BiZBOOSTING has a unique approach, looking at your activities with “Out-Of-The-Box” point of views, bringing innovative and fully integrated solutions with Value Proposition Design Analysis of your products & services. Artificial Intelligence will help defining what is best to develop disruptive products and stay ahead of the markets. 

BiZBOOSTING & Partners can accompany you in this new path to the future around the World with many opportunities. We always remain agnostic for the suppliers’ choice, always focused on customers’ advantages.


We offer services in 3 main areas :

  1. Introduction of Graphene in your products and developing new ones (with R&D services);
  2. Assistance in using Artificial Intelligence in your business;
  3. Market development for European and Asian companies abroad.

Graphene is the New Wonder Material that we are just starting to discover and has uncountable usages.

It will rapidly be part of all aspects of our lives and in its form as "Nano-Platelets" (GNP), it is safe for human bodies (extensive research available).

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BiZBOOSTING can provide what you need to make better products.

Business Opportunities Development with tailor-made Marketing, Sales & Operations in Emerging Markets.

Think, Invent & Disrupt becomes a mandatory process for SMEs' sustainable future.

Artificial Intelligence for discovering SMEs' realities and constraints for future developments.


The current economic trend is favouring Asian countries for Entrepreneurs, with long-term Vision & Strategy in the APAC region, where more than 60% of the World population is located. We provide tailor-made solutions and services for our customers in order to fit with your Vision and local customers’ expectations.

Going to Asia is the guarantee that you will find more opportunities and dynamism than in Western countries in general, with many economies having performed better in the past decades than most of the rest of the World. Nowadays, Asia is the place to be, where you find nearly 2/3 of the World population, with a fast growing middle-class having tremendous needs.


BiZBOOSTING & Partners are helping companies to take a new start, with the tremendous dynamic of New Disruptive Technologies, putting the Customers at the Center of your concerns, reviewing your Business Models and catching the emerging Markets that are witnessing strong growth.


BiZBOOSTING & Partners provides Consulting on Artificial Intelligence, helping Corporations and SME to stay ahead on their market and take advantage on AI to optimize costs and develop newly created business opportunitiesCompanies must stay ahead of their competition with the latest technologies, able to provide the level of services expected by their customers:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Big Data
  • Blockchain
  • IoT/IoE

The technologies are totally transforming the way we live, work, move, travel, but also transform healthcare treatments like surgery and many others; all sectors will be affected.

We can help creating New Products with GRAPHENE
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BiZBOOSTING & Partners provides GRAPHENE GNP of HIGH-QUALITY (1 to 5 layers) at very competitive price, the lowest costs in the market (special conditions for large quantities).

The potential usage of GRAPHENE is tremendous, in all areas!

BiZBOOSTING & Partners can accompany you with Experts & Consultants to develop your new striking innovative products and address brand new markets Worldwide.

Do you need more information from BiZBOOSTING & Partners?

You can request a quotation of Graphene GNP Nanoplatelets from 10 Grams to large quantities (up to Tons).

Send an email to info@"website name".com and we will revert to you with no delay.

How GRAPHENE GNP (Nano-Platelets) is made

CSI R&D Services

Making use of Graphene and its amazing properties is a real challenge, but companies have no other choice than innovating continuously.

Few corporations have the resources, skills and time to perform research with Graphene; the duration is unpredictable without appropriate means, with random results and being costly.

It is why customers are asking BiZBOOSTING to provide technical support from its close partner CSI, having access to a large network of top experts and laboratories.

With CSI R&D Services, companies have the choice of different alternatives:

  • Performing your own in-house research with on-site support
  • Outsourcing completely your R&D with well defined goals
  • Asking advice on specific tasks without investing in costly equipment
  • Checking the real quality of products with an objective point of view

BiZBOOSTING & CSI with state-of-the-art equipment


We can accompany your GRAPHENE journey
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  • Defining together how to use Graphene for which of your products
  • Providing the best material at an attractive price
  • Choosing the most appropriate suppliers for your needs
  • Ensure that the suppliers can provide good quality and needed quantities
  • Bring consultancy services, eventually from suppliers as well
  • CSI can provide advanced R&D services and advices on products or production methodologies

BiZBOOSTING and CSI remain your reliable partner during your journey


Tailor-Made Solutions

Business Development

Meetings with partners or customers

Local Corporate & Managers profiling

Set up Swiss local representative

Study of general and specific legal framework

Factory setup and production in the country

Assistance with local authorities (ie. tax benefits, States subventions)

Business Support with Senior Experts

Operations with dedicated goals and targets

Sales and Marketing

Technical support with local Partners


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Our mission is to accompany Asian SME to enter the Swiss market, ideal door for Europe at very attractive conditions.
BiZBOOSTING is helping SMEs to benefit from a network of personal relations in Switzerland and Europe, with specialists, businessmen, politicians and people who are familiar with the administrations and corporate taxation, in order to maximize government incentives.


We can accompany you in developing Disruptive Innovations.

Richard Smits is a chemical engineer (Ph.D.) and CEO of CSI in Sofia (Bulgaria).

Richard has access to a large network of scientists and laboratories for advanced chemical R&D in Graphene products for BizBoosting customers.

Pierre Jaccoud is a logistician engineer and worked more than 35 years in the international business worldwide. He is currently CEO of Globalarranger AŞ in Kuşadası (Turkey).

Pierre is also an accredited trainer from the international chamber of commerce of Paris. Pierre through his long experience, has on hand, a large network of partners in all kind of activity fields, having interest in Graphene products.


Nicolas Wojnarowski  is accredited partner of IDP (firm based in Bruxelles registered at European Commission):


Serge Rossel 
Founder & CEO
Geneva Lake Area

Chief Legal

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